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We provide our clients with accurate and affordable groundwater location surveys, preliminary and full written reports that indicate the depth, yield (flow rate) and thickness of the aquifer.

Upon request by Dr. R. Clark of Groundflow, AquaLocate has redesigned the Groundflow GF2500-3500 unit. As of January 2013 the newest most advanced Seismoelectric geophysical instrument is the GF6. AquaLocate provides technology to find well water before drilling begins.

AquaLocate exclusively manufactures and distributes the GF6 instrument through sales. Additionally, through our sister company http://www.FindWellWater.com we provide groundwater surveys giving our clients helpful information such as aquifer depth, yield and thickness before any drilling begins. The GF6 technology can also provide direct hydrocarbon indications to very significant depths. A discount is offered for bulk purchases of the GF6.

Training programs and support for GF6 sales are offered by AquaLocate and its consultants are second to none with the managers and affiliates having over 30 years of combined experience using the Seismoelectric well water locating system originally developed by Groundflow, Ltd. AquaLocate offers the only authorized training program for the Seismoelectric equipment distributed by our company.

AquaLocate uses environmental friendly practices to effectively find well water before water well drilling occurs. It is no longer necessary to spend untold sums of money drilling a “test well” and causing unnecessary environmental impact before finding the groundwater you need. With the cost of drilling a water well increasing every day, a GF6 Seismoelectric groundwater survey is a reasonable investment for the risk avoidance it buys. We offer FREE phone consultation and will inform you about what to expect in your area and whether a groundwater assessment survey makes sense for your situation or not.

AquaLocate proudly provides groundwater assessment services worldwide. We have been fortunate to help property owners and Seismoelectric equipment operators on 3 continents and in 9 countries (United States, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, India, and Ecuador). If you need input or advice on your next project, call 800-251-2920.

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